05 Jun

Towards an Adaptive Organisation

reporting-linesBusiness needs to excel in adaptivity, becoming foremost internally driven through an ongoing (organisational) ability to change alongside the ever changing markets and outside world. Seizing opportunity when it arises, or dodging the imminent threats!

Whether it is a blue or red ocean, markets and environments will dictate a companies need for renewal. Companies are driven by (external) threats and opportunities, before (internal) strengths or weaknesses. Strengths and weaknesses are only powerful or risks when they are challenged by opportunities or threats.

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25 May

Organisational Reciprocity: a Triangle of Influence

ReciprocityWhat is your biggest challenge in (professional) management and organisation? I would say the triangle of influence between structures, processes and people.  All and any of them influences each other, positive and negative.

Businesses therefore need to be managed and organised within this triangle. Don’t be oblivious or get entangled within the complex interconnectedness of these three major building blocks of management and organisation.

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19 May

A Renewed Understanding of Collaboration

135620d0-a8fe-11e3-b14c-22000a98b2af-originalNowadays we are co-creating, co-sensing, co-developing, co-active, co-operating and similar wordings as a result of a renewed understanding of collaboration. It all build on the known adage that together we can achieve more. Old school top-down management is out , whilst self organising organisational entities are hot.

I am intrigued by this. 200 year old top-down management misses out on the employee buy-in that is needed to be the adaptive organisation of today. One person only knows so much, whilst the power of the collaborative people can potentially have all knowledge. Organisations advance through fruitful collaborative powers that create an optimal synergy by (task) conflict. When action causes reaction, an organisation needs to create (managed) collisions to shift ahead.

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16 May

A Wayward Journey

2bea6e8e-bf11-11e3-805a-22000aa7091d-originalInnovation… Business Renewal…; Change in general leads to a wayward journey. A journey every one that challenges the status quo will have to take. Going on this journey means putting your personal leadership into action. It means choosing between making it yourself or being made by others.To put a thing or two in perspective, read the following quote:

“We are all bounded with each other on the basis of our beliefs and values; when we question those values, we are certainly left alone, away from our families, friends and the dear one. And that is a cost benefit analysis we all make and we keep satisfying ourselves with the status quo of situations.”

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